An Adventure is Coming

You want your dog to have a good life filled with friendships, adventure, and fun. You believe that dogs should have the chance to just be dogs. Run free in the fields, roll around in the mud, and wrestle with their buddies.

Who are we kidding, your dog is your child and they deserve as much social time, brain stimulation, and activities as your neighbors' 8-year-old.

That's where we come in.

Our love of dogs and childhood memories of summer camp has led us to create gear that inspires you and your furry best friend to have adventures everyday.

By supporting our store, you support our vision of a space where dogs can run, play, and snuggle with their squad all day. We believe that your dogs' life should be as exciting and fulfilling as your own. 

Welcome to camp.

We Believe in Adventure

Did someone say walkies?

Make a Splash

Paws First
Adventure buddy for life
Those who wander...sniff out adventure